International Family Equality Day’ 2014 in Vilnius

In 2014 the International Family Equality Day was celebrated for the second time in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. On 8 May, the official opening took place at the Swedish Embassy in Vilnius, followed by a press release on the situation of LGBT families in Lithuania.

„I am very pleased to see such a great support for diverse families. I am also very proud of LGBT families in Lithuania, who are gradually opening the door to their homes and are stepping out of the shade into the light“, said Vilma Gabrieliūtė, the head of the House of Diversity and Education, who has been raising a child with her partner for four years now. On that same day Artumė, author of „the lesbian blog, and her partner celebrated three month anniversary of the birth of their baby, who was conceived through donor insemination.

 After press conference, advocates, legal experts and leaders of human rights organizations participated in a 3 hour long seminar „Rights on the move – rainbow families in Europe.“ The seminar was led by Laima Vaige, representative of a rainbow family, as well as a lecturer at Mykolas Romeris University and a co-founder of the House and Diversity Education. The seminar served as a very useful platform for an exchange of up-to-date information and the material.

On 9 May, a visual campaign „Families are diverse“ took place in the center of Vilnius. The idea was to capture persons on the street, supporting the diversity of families. The visual campaign was short but fruitful – people on the streets gladly posed with the sign “Families are diverse” expressing their support.

On 10 May, LGBT families and their friends gathered for a picnic and outdoor games. Children books’ characters (Pippi Longstocking, Mad Hatter) were leading the colorful excursion across the Old town. There were balloons, team games, stories, and a violin concert of. At some point, the rain started and participants gathered under the terrace of the Presidential palace to hide. There, Neringa Dangvyde read her book of tales “Amber heart”, which had been removed from the market for depicting the love of two princesses earlier in 2014.

You can find pictures from event here>>

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