Lithuanian families joined IFED (International Family Equality Day)

The first Sunday of May, 2013 Lithuania celebrated the first ever International Family Equality Day (IFED) organized by the team of  House and Diversity and Education. The purpose of this event, which took part in one of the public parks of Vilnius, was to emphasize and to celebrate the diversity of families.

Majority of family related organizations in Lithuania are neglecting the full range of different aspects reflecting families nowadays – ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion. Family Equality Day was an official announcement for all kind of families saying – „You are valuable“. Everybody was welcomed to the celebration: single moms and dads, mixed families (spouses of different race or religion), same – sex families, unmarried couples, grandmothers and grandfathers, families raising disabled kids, families with adopted kids, and everybody, who is open to the broader understanding of family.

„It wasn’t a wide event but a significant one“, – commented the initiator and coordinator of the project Diverse families ( Vilma Gabrieliute. I’m so proud and happy for everyone who joined in with their strength, ideas, and time voluntary organizing such an important event. We’ll hope to organize IFED next year as well so it becomes a tradition and involves more families and supporters.

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